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KMR Productions LLC

This is where you'll find all sorts of helpful information about our family of websites.

KMR Scripts

KMR Scripts

Publishing Company

At KMR Scripts, we know what Producers go through trying to present plays for child and family audiences.  We only handle 64 plays/musicals, all written by Kevin M Reese, and we know those shows inside and out.  Our royalty rates are generally lower than similar plays handled by other companies.  Our script prices are about the same as those offered elsewhere.   But where we offer the best deal is in Customer Service.  You have access to the person who knows the shows the best-- Kevin M Reese, the playwright/composer.  If you have questions about how to work a special effect in the show, we know the answer.  If you have questions about alternative casting (which we wholeheartedly support!), we can help there, too.  We will even try to help out if an adjustment in the script is needed for your particular production.  Heck, we may even get Kevin to come in and direct the show for you or conduct workshops on Children's Theatre or performing for children!  The bottom line is: if you need something, we will do our best to help in any way we can.

Our pledge is: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.


KMR Productions LLC

Video Production Company

Incorporated in 2007, KMR Productions LLC was set up to help Kevin M Reese with the many video projects he was finding himself involved in. From taping live performances of his published scripts to filming the many documentary projects floating around in his head, KMR Productions will help showcase his various projects in the perfect light.


KMR Studio

Pro Audio Project Recording Studio

KMR Studio is a small Project Studio located in Valley Center, Kansas. Most of our work is in conjunction with KMR Scripts, our sister company-- but we are also available to do out-of-house projects as our time permits.

As a singing composer, Kevin Reese has been recording his own compositions and vocals for his publishing company, KMR Scripts, for over 15 years. He just decided to help other artists record tracks for their own projects. Whether voice-over, narration, music, or ambiance-- KMR Studio can help.


Beneath the Upper Room


New Last Supper Play

A New Play about Jesus' Last Supper According to the Women Who Served Him

This play is about Jesus from the perspective of the women who knew him best.  Through the well-known events of the Last Supper these women reflect on the life of Jesus and his affect on mankind.  We see the Last Supper from a different angle, from a different perspective than usually depicted in stories about this event in Jesus' Passion. This is NOT your typical Last Supper Drama. 

This play uses the well-known setting of Jesus’ Last Supper as a spring-board for a little different perspective– and a few "What ifs?" "Whys?" and "Why nots?" in for good measure.


Kansans Kan!


Kansas History Documentary/Play

After its successful stage run all over Kansas during the 2006-2007 school year-- to rave reviews from both teachers and students alike-- we are in the process of producing a DVD documentary based on the show.

In the meantime, Wichita Children's Theatre Professional Touring Company will be touring the stage musical during its 2010-2011 touring season to correspond with Kansas' 150th anniversary of statehood. Contact WCT to bring the show to your town/school!


KMR Hosting


Web Hosting Company

When we discovered that we were paying upwards of $1,000.00 per year for web hosting fees, we knew we needed to do something about it. We started our own hosting company so we could get all the free websites we wanted!

We'll probably never hang our shingle out to the public. But we'll be happy to help some of our dear friends with their hosting solutions.


A Christmas Carol 

We have a new 2009 DVD of Kevin M Reese's adaptation of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol.".  Check it out! Click on VIEW DETAILS for more information or to purchase your own copy.




When we finally have something to sell, this is where you'll find how to buy our stuff! 



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