KMR Productions LLC

Question about a Credit Card Charge? 

We Don't Even Have a Credit Card Merchant Account

If you recently found a transaction on your credit card statement from "KMR Productions LLC" and are wondering what it's all about-- we don't have any information about it. It wasn't from us. LLCs are incorporated by each state, so there may be 50 KMR Productions LLC legally operating in the USA.

That being said, chances are good that you found our site via an internet search. We have recieved so many emails and phone calls regarding this other company's credit card billings that we have put this page up to answer such questions and hopefully point you in the right direction for answers.

During an internet search, KMR Productions LLC of Gaithersburg is listed as doing business in Children's Clothing and, most recently, in High School college visitation/recruiting seminars and workshops.

This is all the information we could find so please don't call or email us for more information. If all else fails: contest the charge with your credit card company and they'll straighten everything out for you.

KMR Productions LLC  (also DBA: College Expos)

Contact Person: Robyn Rutland
phone: 301-330-2678
fax: 301-576-8500

Mailing Address:
KMR Productions
14804 Ancroft Ct
Gaithersburg, MD 20878